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Smoke, Fire and Butterflies

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Tobias Thorne joined the Civil War for all the wrong reasons.
Can a cold-hearted Confederate be a war hero? What does it take to change a man’s heart?
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Award Winning Artist and Author

Ricky Dean Wyrick

Ricky Dean’s Broken World

Bag of Lies - Book 1

What happens when childhood friends join opposite sides of the Civil War? Can friendship survive? How do you bring yourself to kill your best friend?


Bag of Lies introduces a broken world where the closest of brothers become hated enemies. Brimming with danger, deceit, and espionage, the epic struggle is laced with betrayal and grief. Follow Michael and Lucky as they sift through loyalty and lies, discovering that nothing is as it seems.


Does Lucky pull the dagger from his back and plunge it into Michael’s heart? Or is there something more sinister at play in his Bag of Lies?

"It has everything a great book needs, complex characters, a zillion plot twists (it's awesome! :), realistic situations, and much, much more. I truly loved this novel to the core." -- Violet Perry

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"Young adults and anyone who enjoys a lithe, creative story with enough plot twists to rival the El Toro at Six Flags Grand Adventure will enjoy this story."

-- Kristine

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